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Wake Up With Trailer 2 for the ‘Saved by the Bell‘ Reboot

I don’t mean to kill the buzz of the reboot nobody knew they needed but somehow did. But can’t this really work? With only AC Slater and Jessie Spano? Without a Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski or Lisa Turtle to be seen anywhere? Not even a Screech, not that anyone really minds?

But then again, there is an appetite, obviously. I mean, if “Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style,” “SBTB: The College Years” and “SBTB: Las Vegas Wedding” didn’t kill the franchise, it’s unkillable. About 12 or so years ago Barstool threw a party in Boston and paid for an appearance by Dennis “Don’t Call Him Mr. Belding” Haskins, and the place was lousy with giddy, starry-eyed 30-something women lining up to meet the man. So the appeal is universal. And it endures. The fan service of Jessie making references to her legendary diet pill freak out alone will see to that.

My prediction is that they use the same template as the “Karate Kid” reboot. They’ll bring back major characters as they go. Watch for a Sesaon 1 cliffhanger where Zack Attack shows up playing “Friends Forever” while every female in America over the age of 35 slides off her chair. You heard it here first.