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Should Adam Silver Ban The Bucks From The Playoffs After This Giannis Headbutt???

Is Giannis becoming unhinged? Is the pressure of being a legitimate contender getting to the reigning league MVP?? Should he be suspended, better yet JAILED, for these malicious acts witnessed here today in the bubble??? Many are saying so, but I think we should let cooler heads prevail and wait until the dust settles in the morning before we make any hasty decisions. As a fair and unbiased Celtics fan I'm thinking at least a temporary ban on Milwaukee Bucks basketball until we can figure out what happened here today. Maybe this takes a few days, maybe it takes several, excruciating months of watching this film from every angel, interviewing the dozens of witnesses in that arena, tapping phones trying to trace back if this was a premeditated hit on Moe Wagner, this feels like an all hands on deck type of investigation. Perhaps there was malicious intent, perhaps it was just a minor mishap. I think I speak for NBA fans far and wide when I say Adam Silver must put in his full effort into uncovering this massacre broadcast to CHILDREN mind you. I don't want to go crazy and say the immediate fate of the NBA depends on how heavily he drops the hammer here but I'm also not not saying that. Just something to consider as Giannis Zidane mulls over his gory actions here today.