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Hard Knocks Episode 1 Recap - Anthony Lynn Is A Football Guy

It's another year of Hard Knocks, and my second year doing this recap. As you know, this edition is a split between my beloved Chargers and some other team that has significantly more fans than them. This is essentially a live blog so here are the hit's as they come:

- Anthony Lynn going full Joker in an all hands meeting by dropping that he had COVID is actually awesome? "Embrace Chaos" is also a great season motto. Just a shadeeeee cooler than last year's "Any Squad Any Place".

- Lynn telling all of us that he is a smoker guy over a gas guy while ripping a stogie is so perfectly Texan. Also, wearing a presumably free Lamborghini hat and CAA shirt is also such a football guy move 

- Sean McVay's dog? Horrible basketball player. Anyone can do a chest pass. Make a stepback for me once dude. 

- Goes without saying, but it's incredibly fuckin' weird seeing seeing this COVID scenario. You can feel some players/staff anxiety and others who are kinda done with it and don't give as shit. 

- I love the moment each season of this show when we realize who THE guy is going to be. Nice to meet you, Donte Deayon! 

- Jalen Ramsey is such a great player but his voice is just not conducive for good shit talk. It's like he's about to cry with every insult. 

- I get how it looks like Ramsey is bitching a lot in this Zoom conference thing with the press who are, in fairness, doing their job. He also makes a lot of sense, though. It's sometimes feels gross when reporters press in a situation like that where a player is obviously just trying not to say anything that will get them in trouble. 

- Bosa has worked really hard for that deal and I'm really happy for him, but man was that a funny cry. Sounds like the Iron Giant cutting onions. 

- Hey NYPost, here is a free headline!

- I sucked in my teeth at long snapper Cole Mazza announcing his thoughts on kneeling, but it turned into a very honest convo that was extremely positive! Not where I expected that to go! 

Final thoughts: AM I crazy for thinking that the Chargers got a decent amount more screen time than the Rams? I'm sure that will go over well with people. They got the awesome ending reel where the players determined one of the hard knocks crew members dropped a BOMB in the porta potty. I'm curious to see where this season is going to go, mostly because the COVID factor adds both a intriguing storyline and also somewhat borning one? Nothing like this has ever happened with Hard Knocks EVER, but we are also all sick of this shit and hate being reminded of it. Let's see where they go!