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Blue Jackets Goalie Joonas Korpisalo Just Made An NHL Record 85 Saves In A Game 1 Loss To Tampa


God damn what a game. That's how you get momentum going in your "real" playoffs, you have the Bolts and Jackets play 5 OTs, pushing the Bruins-Canes game to 11am tomorrow, giving us 14 hours of hockey starting at 11am. Wooooo.

And prayers up to CBJ's goalie Joonas Korpisalo. What more can you ask of a guy than to make...85 saves!!!! 85!!!!! What an absurdly fake number. All in a loss. But man, what a ridiculous performance. And Seth Jones played over 65 minutes tonight. Dude barely left the ice. Insane.

Awesome game, and it was fun to see more people start talking about it on Twitter as it progressed. And now we get to wake up and make some brunch and have our first face-off at 11am, and our last one at 10:30pm. Bubble playoffs is treating us great so far. Love it.