The NBA Will Be Announcing An All Bubble Team As Well As MVP For The Seeding Games So Who Ya Got?

Well well well looks like my Bubble MVP running blog was such a smashing success the league took note and decided to actually make that a thing. Credit to me. Now it's still too early to officially determine an MVP, as a reminder this was my rankings before yesterday's action

1. TJ Warren 

2. James Harden

3. Luka Doncic

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo

5. Devin Booker

6. Damian Lillard

7. Michael Porter Jr

8. Kawhi Leonard

9. Joel Embiid

10. Gary Trent Jr

and naturally the order has already changed given what we saw transpire during Monday's slate. I'll wait until next Monday like normal for my updated MVP rankings.

But what I hadn't done was come up with an All Bubble Team because frankly I didn't expect that to be a thing. Well, in the blog game you need to be like water

and adjust on the fly as new information becomes available so that's exactly what I'm going to do here. Based on the limited information available, I'm going to assume there's just going to be one team, not like the All NBA three teams. I know positions are the big debate when it comes to All NBA, but for my list I basically went by one rule: Don't be an asshole. Like how Kawhi could be a forward for All NBA but a guard for All NBA Defense. Shit like that bothers me. You are also allowed to put Jayson Tatum as a guard for All NBA despite him not being a guard at any time whatsoever. You get the idea. So after looking things over, this is where my All Bubble Team stands right this second

G: Devin Booker

G: Luka Doncic

F: Giannis Antetokounmpo

F: TJ Warren

C: Joel Embiid

A couple of tough choices right off the bat for the guard spot. You can't keep Devin Booker out, the guy is putting up 30 a night on an undefeated Suns team. How can you leave off Luka, a guy averaging 33.4 (tied for 1st)/11.6 (3rd)/11.6 (1st), you just can't. That means sadly both Harden and Dame are out for me in terms of the guard spot as of now. Forward is pretty easy in my opinion, nobody has been more dominant than Giannis at the forward spot. TJ Warren is in there out of respect, but he needs to close strong in order to hold onto that spot for me after his stinker against MIA. I have no problem giving that spot to Kawhi or even MPJ. I'm putting Embiid in for now because his numbers are flat out dominant, but we'll see how much he plays after his injury. If he never comes back until the playoffs, I'm looking at both AD and Porzingis to fill that role. 

So how far off would your All Bubble team look? I'll admit that if by next Monday the Suns end the seeding games 8-0, Booker is going to be my MVP. If not, it's up for grabs.