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The Big Ten, Ohio State, and My Life Are Ruined Forever


If one other Power 5 conference even plays ONE SNAP this Fall, the Big Ten in the biggest joke in college football history. Rename them the Little Ten. How are we supposed to come back from this? Recruits aren't going to come here. Players will decommit. I wouldn't blame one player from entering the transfer portal this evening. I mean, this is a worse death penalty than what SMU received. The conference and all of the programs in it are screwed for the next decade.


One can't help but think the rest of the Big Ten knew the only way to derail Ryan Day and the Buckeyes recruiting class was to cancel this season while the rest of the country plays. But like, are we just DONE? Can we do an independent schedule? We'll play anyone, anytime, anywhere. The players and coaches have been tweeting it all week.

I literally cannot comprehend how in the world you don't delay the start of the season first before making this cancellation? Exhaust every single option you can first. I'm embarrassed to be in this conference. The Buckeyes should leave the Big Ten behind and never look back.

And even looking forward, what % chance do we even play in the Spring? I find that extremely unlikely. But more importantly, if we do, what % chance does Justin Fields play in the Spring? 0.000000%....and that might be too high.

Smh indeed, Justin. This is the darkest day in state of Ohio history.