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Eccentric Tycoon John McAfee Arrested For Wearing Thong-Mask At Airport

A classic John McAfee story in 10 Tweets:


It should really come as no surprise that eccentric programmer, tech tycoon, and two-time Libertarian presidential hopeful John McAfee is an anti-masker, though you would think someone who's famous for creating literal antivirus software would know better.

Then again, maybe dude just likes getting in trouble in the flashiest ways possible. McAfee, who is no stranger to run-ins with the law (recall that time his home got raided in Belize or when he hid from South American authorities to avoid being questioned about a murder or the time his hideout was accidentally outed by Vice because a journalist posted a photo of him with the geolocation metadata still attached or when he faked two heart attacks in a Guatemalan prison to expedite his case and get sent back to the U.S.), and who currently claims to be on the run from the IRS, was detained on Monday at an airport in Norway for refusing to wear a medically-certified mask. 

But that's not to say he wasn't wearing any sort of face covering - indeed, he opted to cover his nose and mouth with a black lace thong after landing on his private jet. And while he did manage to make authorities laugh, the gag wasn't amusing enough for them to let him through.

Never a dull moment with that fella and his ride-or-die wife Janice, and as per usual they're free & on their way again until the next wacky incident.

Lest we forget several months ago when McAfee joined Barstool's Hard Factor News & smoked out of a tequila bong..

And when he tried to casually slide on into the Bahamas with a little bit of firepower…

And John, in the off-chance you happen to see this I have good news for upcoming travel.. you can still get all the thong you want with a mask that will keep you under the radar.