Lillard vs Bayless Pt. 2: Dame Says Skip Backtracked During Their Entire Phone Call, Skip Hops On TV And Immediately Calls Dame A Liar

Yesterday we had the first installment of Dame vs *checks notes* Skip Bayless. It all started with this tweet from Skip: 

Skip doing Skip things. He pisses people off and makes outrageous claims. Usually it's about LeBron, but this time he's going after Dame for missing a couple of free throws against the Clippers and not calling him clutch. Just a crazy thing, because you know, Dame is pretty fucking clutch. Just ask the Thunder or the Rockets in the playoffs the last couple years. Dame responded: 

An A+ response from Dame. I have zero problem with athletes sticking up for themselves and getting into it with people. Last night he hopped on Melo's show and started talking a bit more about the phone call he had with Skip: 

This is where I wish he unleashed hell. Don't say 'I could make Skip look bad' and then not do it. Open up about what he's backtracking on. I get that there's code and some phone calls are private but if you're getting into it with someone, just unleash hell. Dame isn't exactly afraid to hold back either. Again, just ask Paul George or Russell Westbrook. Instead we get this from Skip: 


We got a double down! We got ourselves a double down! I do love the move of inviting Dame onto Skip's show. Get him on your turf is just a classic spinzone move. Turning all this into pandemic talk and that's why you were pissed off is just another spinzone and why Skip is Skip. 

And to answer Skip, what has Dame done? Rookie of the Year. 5x All-Star. All-NBA First Team. 2x All-NBA 2nd Team. All NBA-Third Team. Took the Blazers to the WCF last year. Hit one of the more iconic series-winners. Seems pretty good for a guy that's trying to turn a Blazers team that's his team into a contender year after year. Not sure what else you want him to do? He's made the playoffs the last 6 years and advanced in 3 of them. We're not expecting the Blazers to win the Finals or even make the Finals. Seems like fair is fair here on Dame's side. 

This is where Skip typically wins though. When he starts getting into a back and forth with an athlete the ultimate Internet troll this side of Kevin Durant comes out. That said, Dame is a worthy opponent. I expect him to drop all the information on the call soon, especially if Skip keeps egging him on. 

Don't want, I need Dame to drop a rap diss about Skip. Give it to the world, Dame.