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27 Years Ago Today, Henry Rowengartner Made His MLB Debut

Rookie of the Year, a very good baseball movie, was released on this day in 1993. I found a couple months ago when I sent some tweets and wrote a subsequent blog about my favorite baseball movies that there are swaths of people who do not enjoy this film. I said of those people the following:

I recently discovered Jeff Lowe hates this movie because it has "plot holes." Well yeah, no shit. Anybody who gets in a tizzy because the Cubs go from sucking to playoff contention after adding a reliever throwing gas should probably watch the scene above where a 12-year-old throws a baseball 450 feet and signs a Major League contract.

This movie is fun and people looking for plot holes in an obviously outlandish movie are the worst.

Is it as good as Moneyball or the greatest romantic comedy of all-time Fever Pitch? No. But is it a fun story that's enjoyable to watch? Absolutely.

Henry Rowengartner goes from a benchwarmer on his Little League team — perhaps the only thing that actually does bother me about this movie is that he plays baseball in jeans — to the best reliever in the Big Leagues. Enjoy a feel-good story for me one time.

I am going to celebrate the release of this American classic by watching it today and enjoying it for what it is: a fun movie which does not require me to think or get upset about anything.