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Coach O: "Our Players Want To Play, The SEC Wants To Play"

I was at 40% confidence that we'll get SOME sort of college football this year regardless of what the circumstances were. 

After Coach O did another hit on Fox News this morning, that may be creeping up to over 50% confidence now. 

What Coach O says goes. 

He's been 100% for football from the very beginning and hasn't wavered one bit. When asked about what LSU's "plan B" is going to be if there is no season Coach O responded "there is no plan B". 

How can you not feel at least a shred of hope after seeing quotes like this from O? That and the fact that we haven't really heard much from the SEC in regards to committing to one way or the other. They plan on opening the season on September 26 at the earliest. 

Like Kayce and I talked about on CCK yesterday, if an SEC only season is all we get then so be it. Who knows what the fuck these other conferences are thinking or even trying to do, but one thing is for sure - Coach O and the Tigers are ready to play some damn football.