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The Reds Submitted A Plan That Has Reportedly Already Been Approved By Cincinnati To Potentially Let Fans In Games THIS SEASON

[Source] - The Reds have submitted a plan to the state of Ohio and Major League Baseball to have fans return to Great American Ball Park this season. That plan has already been approved by the city of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, according to an email sent to seasonal employees on Sunday night.

The email didn’t present a time frame but stated the plan is to return “a percentage of fans back into GABP as soon as possible.”

A source confirmed a plan had been approved by both the city and county “but with lots of conditions.”

A source said their understanding is that fans would return in September at the earliest or maybe for the playoffs, but that source still wasn’t optimistic that any fans would be admitted this season.

Hell yes. I have no idea how this is going to work. Cincinnati is currently pretty much on a 10pm curfew and not open by any means. But if I can watch a game in person just one game safely I'll take it. I'm not even a Reds fan, but I'm so desperate to watch a game. There's nothing better in the summer than sitting in a chair, soft pretzel in one hand, beer in the other, beer between your legs and watching a baseball game - preferably at Camden Yards. But the point is, I miss it. 

And all this is obviously subject to change. There's still not a lot of hope. But it's a step. I'm all about positive vibes only when it comes to sports. Give me any sort of positive news. Any sort of small step that just lets me know that things will be normal again. And yeah it won't be a full crowd or even 50%. But it's still people. It still might be me! Although I do want Joey Votto do this still: 

I do wonder how this would work. There's the report that the MLB is looking at a bubble for the postseason. Let's assume that doesn't happen, because, well Manfred, but think of the homefield advantage the Reds could have if they are the only, or one of the only, teams with fans. 

I miss normalcy.