Many People Are Calling Tacko Fall The Next Tiger Woods

Only Tacko could bring you so much joy with a simple golf swing. I didn't know what I expected but that's certainly not a disaster. Frankly I'm curious where he found clubs that came close to fitting him. A great job by Tacko keeping his head down, that's probably the hardest part for your casual golfer in my opinion. Papa Greenie would always tell me

"Daniel, keep your freaking head down. You focus on that and I'll watch where it goes"

Naturally I would then not keep my head down and slice the shit out of it. Such is life.

The reason I'm even blogging this in the first place is not just because anything Tacko does rules. It could be golf, Tik Tok dances

dunking on everyone on the court Tacko is non stop entertainment. No no, the reason I'm blogging this is to remind everyone about a certain hot take that to this day still makes me laugh. You see Tacko wasn't the only Celtic to hit the links yesterday. On their off day Jayson Tatum didn't wait long to get his round started

Remember a time when there were REAL LIFE TAKES that people had where they tried to say Jayson Tatum was spending too much time golfing and not practicing and that's why he was struggling? Real people, with real brains. That and the whole not having a hoop in March is why he struggled in a game in August was a real thing that happened. I had people tweeting me that he should be spending less time on the course and more times getting shots up like ANYONE has any idea how many shots Tatum is taking in Orlando. You hear it on the radio, it's like I was taking crazy pills. Jayson Tatum is currently averaging 21.3/6.0/4.0/1.5 on 43/40% splits with 3.0 3PM a night and people are STILL talking about his golf. Yes, he was horrific against the Bucks, but it seems to me like that was just an off night as opposed to a problem. How is he able to do shit like this

With all that golf he's playing? When is he practicing? And guess what, if he ever has another off night shooting the ball people are going to keep talking about it like it's a real factor. I feel like I'm living on another planet. 

These dudes have all the time in the world, they need to get through the days somehow. We know Gordon is locked in his room gaming his face off while growing his stache to help him become an unstoppable force. Jaylen is probably in his hyperbaric chamber coming up with ways to save the world, if Tacko and Tatum want to hit the links then who the hell cares. I encourage it to be honest. Golf requires a ton of mental toughness, something Tatum showed a lot in that Orlando game right? So stay with me here, maybe all this golf is actually a positive?

Sorry to any of the trolls out there, I think it's time you come up with a different take.