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Even When The Goddamn Knicks Do Something Smart, They Ruin My Life

God. Damnit. Goddamnit! Kenny Payne is one of the best assistant coaches in all of college hoops. He's known for being one of the best recruiters out there combined with being a hell of a developer - especially with Kentucky's bigs over the year. The fear as a Kentucky fan was he'd always leave for a head coaching job somewhere in college. He was up for a few jobs and always made his way back to Kentucky's bench. Shit just look at what he did with Nick Richards: 

That development is all because of Kenny Payne. It's what he's known for as well as being a ridiculous recruiter. He's the 2nd most important person in the Kentucky hoops program behind Cal. And now he's leaving for my dysfunctional, shitty NBA franchise and I HATE it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. 

I care about Kentucky way more than the Knicks. And this hurts Kentucky way more than it helps the Knicks. That's all I care about. I care about my own happiness. I don't care if this helps Kenny Payne reach a goal of coaching in the NBA if that's what he wants. It doesn't make sense for him to leave for the Knicks unless that's the case or unless he thinks college hoops is in trouble this year. He's also boys with Worldwide Wes and Wes is now in the Knicks office. 

Hopefully KP can recruit free agents though. Fuck it, give me some hope at least as a Knicks fan. Especially since Kentucky will probably just hire Bruiser Flint and not necessarily make an outside the box hire to fill Payne's seat. Cal is loyal by default and he'll go after one of his guys. 

Fuck this franchise