'Jesus Could Be In Front Of Me And I'll Still Shoot' - Kyle Kuzma, Dropping The Line Of The Year After Hitting The Game-Winner Over 7'2" Bol Bol

You know what? I fucking love the confidence here. Granted, Jesus was a bit on the smaller side, he's not tall. But you're talking about shooting over God's son, those are some balls. This is what Kuzma did last night: 

Bol Bol still makes no sense to me. Granted, I do think he's becoming a bit overrated because the biggest concern is him staying healthy. The dude literally can't stay healthy. We can break down Bol Bol's game completely in a different blog, but the fact is he's a gigantic human being trying to close out on Kuzma here. That just always reminds me how quick these dudes releases are with their shot. 

I wonder what type of defender Jesus would be. He's not a shot blocker. He's more Pat Bev I'd say. He'd be a pest. There's a 100% chance he'd start talking shit. I'd just assume Jesus would do his research and say everything that you've done bad in life as he picks your pocket. Need a Jesus vs Kuzma matchup now. Need it. 

Still a hell of a year for Kuzma. Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall Jenner, not getting traded to the Pelicans, Nicole Shiraz, game-winner and now the line of the year. Here I was thinking Booker would have the best sports quote: 

It makes no sense, but it's perfect. Who shoots to miss? Not Devin Booker that's for sure.