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NOT SO FAST! The Ohio State President Is Now IN For College Football

NOT SO FAST!! After Dan Patrick told the entire world yesterday that the Big Ten was cancelling their football season based on a 12-2 vote of university presidents, Ryan Day and his The Ohio State Buckeyes went on a social media terror with the #WeWantToPlay campaign. He went on ESPN, he went to Twitter, he even went on the local news. And boom: just like that, Ohio State's president would vote NO to cancelling the college football season.

Listen, I believe the Dan Patrick report. I bet the university presidents did vote 12-2 against playing. But I bet those university presidents, who aren't there because of their love of sports, had NO IDEA about the backlash they were going to receive. Ohio State's new president literally just started two months ago. She has a docorate in electrical engineering from Stanford and she is coming from being the chancellor at New York State University. She cares more about the academics and faculty and all that BS much more than football. Sports are just another item on the list for her. Oh, it's dangerous? Okay, cancelled.Yeah lady, try voting No against college football in the state of Ohio. I think she got the picture loud and clear yesterday.

.....and she better keep getting the picture, seeing as she's making a million dollars a year.

Listen Krissy, if you even want to sniff that 25% bonus, you'll vote yes for football. At least delay it? How could you cancel it in August? We're talking hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue AND a way of life around here. Not a good first two months on the job for Kristina Johnson. 

But thankfully, Ryan Day's voice matters more than the university president, and we're still fighting. It isn't over yet!!!!! Keep swinging, Coach!