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Report: Big 10 And Pac 12 "Starting To Feel More Like A Delay Than A Cancellation"

Let's do a little update on where things stand.

MAC - Cancelled.

Mountain West - Cancelled. (Air Force looks like they'll play)

Sun Belt - Moving forward with season.

SEC - Moving forward with season.

ACC - Moving forward with season.

Big 12 - Unclear.

Big Ten & Pac 12 - Not cancelling, but will delay:

Yes, I will in fact take a delay instead of a cancel! I will 100% take that!

A billion things will change by the time I wake up tomorrow, but for now, college football is going to happen this some capacity.

It felt like the spot was on it's death bed last night! It was on a respirator! And it ripped it off and it's back to life, baby!