Juan Soto Just Hit A Ball So Far People Say It Still Hasn't Landed Yet


My HEAVENS. 463? In your bra! That was 500 MINIMUM. Absolutely slaughtered. Unfairly such. He clobbered it so hard he was laughing to himself rounding the bases, like come on man, how are you only 21 and doing things like that to a baseball? 

It's so nice to have him back. Missing the first 8 games due to a faulty Covid test was the worst possible start to the season possible, but thank the good lord he is back in the lineup mashing baseballs to the Andromeda Galaxy. In a stupid season, it's nice to at least have this. Not just for the Nats, but for all of baseball. Soto makes the game better. Hopefully tonight is the start of a winning streak the Nats need very badly to get out of the NL East basement.



PS: It feels the Nats and Mets will play 30 of their 60 games against each other this year. Every time you look up its Nats vs Mets. Sort of like how the Rockets and Clippers seem to play each other on TNT 19 times a season. If it's 10:30 on a Wednesday, I automatically assume the Rockets and Clippers are playing.