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The Title Of This Documentary Alone Will Put Your Ass To Sleep

When Large and I record the Twisted History podcast, I'll throw down a historical fact that goes 6 degrees of Indiana. No one asks for it. Absolutely no one. But, I can't help it. It's a Baader-Meinhof phenomenon with the Hoosier State that makes sure a connection won't escape me ... 

I present to you an Indiana fact that might be an all-time least shocking fact - the most boring documentary ever made was filmed in central Indiana, in fact, it's titled after the town that draws the focus of the documentary - Monrovia, Indiana.  

What's shocking about the documentary is the run time is TWO HOURS AND TWENTY FOUR MINUTES. HOW? The Dark Knight is 2 hours 32 minutes. 

It's not Monrovia's fault for being a dull topic. Monrovia was hand-picked because the film's director, Fredrick Wiseman an OG of the documentary world, viewed it as THE definition of average small-town life in the midwest. Nothing big happens in Monrovia, only a bunch of small stuff. Wiseman's M.O. is always to film the mundane activities of daily life, giving a window into how others live. 

The world's most boring documentary does give a peek behind the curtain inside a Freemason Lodge. While there is no footage of the Masons plotting to dig their claws deeper into the government, as the bastards did during the American Revolution. We do get footage of what is a most likely satanic ritual honoring some bloodthirsty sicko… 

Who knows what evil deeds that seemingly innocent-looking old man has done in his Kohl's polo?

While the documentary may be the most boring thing created, I'm glad I finally got to see what horrors and plots were REALLY going on in a masonic lodge. 

New episode all about Pirates and Vikings terrorizing the seas. I have zero Indiana facts on this topic. You're welcome. 

I was only able to find the documentary on the streaming service Kanopy