Do People Think It's a Coincidence That the One Ping Pong Ball That Was Mishandled Won the NHL Draft Lottery?

I mean, would you look at this shit? That poor guy can't even hold onto the Rangers' ping pong ball with all the lead the NHL put in there.

I already knew one of New York, Pittsburgh or Toronto was going to get the No. 1 pick because the NHL is about as shady of a league as they come. I told my friend the other day we — Predators fans — need not worry at all about the possibility of picking No. 1 with those teams in the mix.

But I thought there would be some sort of effort on the NHL's part to at least make everything seem above board. But nope, the Rangers got a weighted ping pong ball right in the middle — I have no proof this is better other than it just seems like the winning ball would be in the middle — and ended up with Alexis Lafreniere.

That guy only dropped one ping pong ball, folks. This was no butterfingers up there.

Whatever. Lafrienere's talent will be squandered by James Dolan and Co. and he'll go somewhere cool — like one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant cities in America, perfectly situated in the Southeast — and be great.