Ramon Laureano With An All-Time Quote About Coward Astros Coach Alex Cintron: "I Regret Charging Him Because He's a Loser"

RAMON LAUREANO!!  As if charging the Astros dugout seemingly prepared to die wasn't enough yesterday. Nah, Ramon took this opportunity to further dunk on Alex Cintron and his career -2.2 WAR. That's right, if you're reading this you most likely have a higher life time WAR than the Astros hitting coach. Go figure they can't hit without cheating (sorry I can't help myself). 

Ramon apologized for charging the dugout, but not because of covid or anything like that. Nope, he realized Alex Cintron is a loser and wasn't worth it in the first place. LOVE IT. Hell, I might order myself a Laureano jersey just as a token of my appreciation for his efforts over the last 24 hours. Listen, I'm ready to build the statue if you are. Sure he'll get suspended (probably something like 16 games) because Manfred sucks, but that dude has gained the respect of everyone in the league as well as a shit ton of fans. 

From what I've read it sounds like they're still sorting things out and trying to collect all the facts, so the suspension numbers will likely be out tomorrow. By reading the tea leaves it appears Cintron will be getting the most games since he's a coach and shouldn't be starting brawls like this. As I said earlier, none of the extracurriculars happen if that asshole doesn't start talking shit from the Houston dugout. Hopefully they ban him for the year. Fuck that guy. Also looks like the rumors of Cintron calling out Ramon's mom were true.

Laureano told ESPN, Cintron "said in Spanish something you don't say about my mother."

It's now being described as a vile comment and you just can't have any mother talk like that. We live in a society. Tell me to eat shit and die, that's fine, but you speak poorly about the woman who brought me into this world then you have to be put in your place. Arrest Cintron and ban him from the sport forever. Seems fair. 

Also thought it was cool what Ramon said about Garneau's tackle. Total respect on that end from both guys. 

Laureano said, catcher Dustin Garneau, who tackled Laureano before he reached Cintron, "was protecting me 100 percent the whole time. I really feel the respect. He's one of the best teammates I've ever had. He protected me. We were down on the pile. He said to me, 'You good?' I said, 'Thank you, thank you.' He said, 'Don't worry.' "

Watch Garneau gets suspended despite this part of the story coming out. Actually just kidding he's on the Astros so a player getting punished is out of the question. If he was on Oakland he'd be gone for 50 games without a second of thought. 

Anyways, we stan Ramon Laureano. Dallas just put this shirt out. 

Hope the suspension isn't too bad, but I don't feel great about it considering the bumbling idiot in charge. 

Real quick, thoughts and prayers again to Josh Reddick's feelings. Poor fella.