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This Dude Mashes The Fuck Out Of Some Potatoes

Okay so a couple of things real quick. First of all, this is one of my favorite chefs on Instagram. This man is always so goddamn furious at the food. Just steaming every time he's throwing some ingredients together. Second or third or whatever number we're on, I know this isn't a mashed potato recipe. And I've never seen mashed potatoes used for a pizza crust before. But holy fuck did this stallion go to WORK on those potatoes. 

Hell yeah, brother. Mashed the hell out of those potatoes. Like I'm sure the rest of this concoction was okay and everything but if you just served me up a giant tray of that mashed P? Ooooooooooooh baby I'd be having myself a night. 

And the hand mash just lends itself to the perfect consistency for mashed p. You don't want it too chunky but you definitely don't want them to be too smooth either. Whipped mashed potatoes that are essentially just like a buttery spread? No thanks. I like my mashed potatoes to be a little rustic. I want them to have at least a little bite to them. Give them some character. 

Oh and by the way, this dude would beat the absolute piss out of anybody who uses a meat tenderizer instead of just karate chopping it. Legend.