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David DeCastro Was Brutally Honest About The Steelers Offense Last Year

Leave it to Big David DeCastro to just put things bluntly when it comes to just about anything but especially the Steelers offense last year. 

It was everything he said and more. And it's a bummer because no matter how good of a story Duck Hodges is / was last season, you can't deny that down the stretch against the Bills and Jets - two chances to somehow despite all odds clinch a playoff spot - the offense just couldn't get it done. 

Plain and simple. 

Plenty of chances at home, in primetime against the Bills to make some plays to assist the defense at all and it just wasn't there. It was in fact "pretty terrible". 

But hey, acknowledging the issue is only step one, and as long as everyone is fine with understanding that's what the 2019 Steelers offense was, then we can only go up from there. 

That and getting your Hall of Fame quarterback back should certainly help things, too. Like he said, it's on everyone though. Not just Mason or Duck. The Steelers ranked 29th in rushing last season. 

Sure, teams stacked boxes and wanted to make those two guys beat them, but still with an offensive line that features DeCastro, Pouncey, and Foster on the interior, they should have been able to be better than that. 

The good thing for the Steelers in 2020, besides Big Ben coming back, is the old saying of "you can only go up from here (the bottom)". 

That should certainly be the case for the offense this year.