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Unbelievable Story About A Kid In The Hamptons Making 100k (In Cash) To Sleep With Older Women But Having To Give It All Back

When I started this thread on Twitter, I truly did not know what to expect. The Hamptons were involved and 100k in cash. 

I agreed, I thought it was drugs or some illegal enterprise. How else would a kid in the Hamptons have 100k in cash if it wasn't from his parents?

The story telling by Jaime is phenomenal. If I was a college professor teaching a social media course, I would use this as an example of how to tell a story to your followers.

And here's the worst part:


Giphy Images.

I gotta say….letting your parents find that stash of cash? You're better than that, my man! He should've dealt strictly in crypto. Before the first session, this fella should've showed these ladies how to set up a bitcoin wallet and have them send it to him, untraced. Now? He has nothing for his work!! Pour one out for whoever this Hamptons college student is. He deserves it.