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Scott Frost And Nebraska Want To Play "No Matter What"

Earlier today, it was reported that Nebraska and Iowa were the only two programs to not vote for the Big Ten to cancel the fall 2020 season. Thanks to a truly wild day in college football, we are not even sure if that's true. We don't even know if the Big Ten presidents have voted!

What we do know is that Nebraska? They want to play.

Among the chaos, Nebraska practiced today:

I am not sure if other Big Ten teams are practicing. It was reported last night that the Big Ten told their schools to have a "light practice" today. 

I guess it's good news that Nebraska is standing firm, but would they really if it came down to it? Right now, there's really only one college football game we know that's going to happen: Army & Navy. If those two service academies are going to play, it's a fair bet to say that Air Force would play too. I would not complain about a Nebraska, Air Force, Army, and Navy round robin this fall. I'd say it's highly unlikely but at this point? I'll take anything.