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Deandre Ayton Was Ruled Out For Today's Game Because He Missed His Coronavirus Test, 5 Minutes Later Ruled Eligible To Play And Is Now Racing To The Stadium Mid-Game

So this news broke at 2:32 per Shams. Deandre Ayton was missing today's nearly must-win game for the Suns because he missed his coronavirus test. Rules are rules. He could rejoin the team when the results came back. Well, let's fast forward literally 5  minutes: 

5 minutes later! And now he's racing to the stadium mid-game because the Suns/Thunder tipped off at 2:30. Here's how I like to imagine Ayton getting there: 

Giphy Images.

This is straight out of an AAU game. Any person that has played AAU hoops knows exactly what I'm talking about. Ayton shows up like 15 minutes after tip, pulls a random jersey out of his bag or even better is handed one by a coach. He drops 30/10 on you, you lose a pool play game and then 2 days later he's playing in the winners bracket on another roster. A tale as old as time in the AAU world. 

Bubble life, man. We're getting stories you couldn't ever have imagined. This is just another one. I can't wait to see what time Ayton checks into the game. The Suns are on fire in the bubble and Ayton has been really fucking good. They are just a game back of the Blazers in the 9 spot and the play-in game. 

UPDATE: He's at the arena