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Chef Rachel Ray's House Burned Down Last Night

From ABC News 10

Warren County Sheriff’s confirmed a major house fire in Lake Luzerne has damaged the home of chef and talk show host Rachael Ray.

The fire broke out shortly before 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening at 22 Chuckwagon Drive in Lake Luzerne. Rachel Ray and her family members were home at the time.

Firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire, they do not believe it was suspicious. Luzerne-Hadley Fire is working with the Warren County Fire Coordinator to investigate the cause due to the extent of the loss.

Going off the photos it looks pretty bad but I'm glad they all got out ok, including her pup. By all accounts she's a delight to work with & I'm sure they'll get things sorted out soon enough. The worst part for me in all this has been seeing all the attempted jokes Tweets about how she must have left a piece of toast in the oven too long.

:: cue GIF of Rocco from Boondock Saints screaming "FUNNY!" ::

Here's a tour of that home only a few months ago before the fire.