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Michigan And Ohio State Football Programs Do Not Appear Happy With Their President's Decision To Cancel The 2020 Season

As you know, the Big Ten voted to cancel the 2020 fall football season today. That vote came from the school's presidents.

That, apparently, is news to Ohio State and Michigan, because both programs on social media are making it clear that they want to play:

Included in that is Jim Harbaugh who pretty much just released a statement that is calling his school's president an idiot for canceling the season:

The two most influential people at a university are the president and the football coach. Donors may be more influential, but in terms of employees, at most schools, it's the football coach and the president. The power dynamic here is interesting. Who is right? We'll probably never know. 

Today has been wild! This feels like one of those college football Saturday's when all the drama of one season is condensed into a single Saturday. Everything is changing by the second!