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The Crease Dive's PLL Championship Recap: Whipsnakes Go Back-To-Back After Zed Williams Puts The Team On His

Zed Williams was the 5th pick in the PLL Entry Draft back in March. So there are 4 teams in the league this morning who probably woke up feeling like they've just been kicked in the dick repeatedly for the past ~24 hours. Because after scoring 6 goals in the championship game yesterday and 5 of them coming in the 4th quarter alone, Zedzilla put the team on his back and was the league MVP leading the Whipsnakes to back-to-back titles. 

You can start the story at the PLL Entry Draft if you wanted to since that's obviously where Zed's PLL career started. You can start the story in high school where Zed Williams became the only player to ever put up 700 points if you wanted to since that's where the lacrosse world first got a chance to really witness his dominance. Or you could start the story at the creation of the game and Zed Williams' connection to it since that's really where it all begins and that was on full display after the game yesterday. 

The Whipsnakes looked completely lost for at least 30 out of those 48 minutes yesterday. They couldn't get anything going and they especially couldn't get anything past Blaze Riorden. They went at least 27 minutes without scoring a goal which is rather less than ideal if you ask me. But then Zed Williams' stick decided to heat up. Somehow this team that wasn't able to get anything going ended up scoring 10 unanswered goals to close out the game, and 5 of them came from Zed's stick alone. 

Call it the clutch gene or call it whatever you want, but Zed Williams knew his stick was good to him in those final 12 minutes and he wasn't going to take any of the awards without it. Seeing that connection on the highest level was awesome yesterday. 

Overall it was a great 2 weeks of lacrosse. Couldn't really ask for much more, and having the final quarter of the season being the most electric was a great way to cap it all off. Obviously it sucks we didn't get a chance to see a full PLL season this summer but all things considered with the way everything else in the world is going right now, the PLL Championship Series was awesome. And being able to talk some nonsense into a microphone about actual live lacrosse over the past few weeks has also been awesome so I just want to thank everybody who followed along and listened throughout the whole tournament. It was great to be back and now I guess we just wait and see when the next time we get meaningful lacrosse in the future will be. Hopefully the NLL is able to come up with something to get their season going because it's starting to look like college is going to get fucked up a little here. We'll worry about that later though. For now, let's just be thankful that we are all alive to witness Zeddy Ballgame play the sport of lacrosse.