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The Movie 'Kids' Just Turned 25 Years Old

What's the significance of a movie turning 25 years old you ask?

Pretty much nothing.

But, it gave me an opportunity to write a blog about the movie 'Kids' today so I guess maybe something? I assume most people have seen 'Kids' at this point, but if you haven't I may go as far as tossing a MUST WATCH tab on it to get your ass to stream it ASAP on whatever service it's being offered on.

I'm not particularly certain about how it's held up in 2020, but I do know that it was a damn trip to watch as a teenage kid. I just remembered being so enthralled watching a movie about NYC kids living in the wild. Stunned that they didn't have to go to baseball practice on a hot Summer day and seeing that just sitting around downing 40's was an option. Now, don't get me wrong we've all had some Summer days in high school where we'd get after it all day while someones parents were at work, but this movie puts it on another level.

It for once wasn't about the glitz and the glam of NYC. No beautiful skyline shots or a focus on Central Park. It was about some teenage kids waltzing around the city without a care in the world stirring up mischief (to put it nicely) while also teaching a lesson about AIDS.

I don't know if I've undersold or oversold it at this point in the blog, but I do know that it's a movie that's stuck with me 20+ years later. It really was the 'Euphoria' before 'Euphoria' and I'd be interested to hear other peoples thoughts of the movie 'Kids' so many years later.

Butterscotch, yo.