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Draymond Green Got Fined $50,000 For Tampering While On TV And Does Not Give A Single Fuck

Remember that little comment from last week? Hate Draymond all you want as a player, but he's actually pretty good on TV. I enjoy listening to him break down highlights and give some actual basketball substance to these shows. Maybe that's the basketball nerd in me but whatever, I like what Draymond brings. 

But I also love that he's not afraid to say anything at any given moment. You need that as an element on Inside The NBA when a player is filling in for Shaq. Whether you agree with Draymond's stance about Booker and PHX or not (I don't), you have to love that he does not give a single fuck. Even when Ernie tried to be like uhhhh buddy, this is tampering maybe you shouldn't do that, Draymond gave him the old 

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Well, the NBA did not take too kindly for those comments, fining Draymond the maximum amount a player is allowed to be fined for tampering

To us normal folks, 50Gs is a lot for a 10 second comment. That would hurt. But for Draymond? A dude who is in the last year of a 5/82M contract? That's ash tray money bro

All is fair in love and tampering when it comes to the NBA. I'm pretty sure the Clippers have a tampering budget given to Doc by Steve Ballmer so he can tamper his dick off. The Lakers exist as we know them today because of tampering. Everyone, and I mean everyone does it. People just get upset when the tampering by their favorite team doesn't work. If this is what Draymond has to do to plant the Booker seeds early, so be it. 

The bad news is, given how good the Suns look and the fact that Booker is in YEAR 1 of his 5/158M extension, he's not going anywhere anytime soon. This Suns team is filled with intriguing young talent and a good coach, things you would want when you are in the rebuilding process. There's no reason to think Booker/Ayton can't be a problem for years to come. If they make the play in game? No chance Booker is demanding to be traded for at least the next 3 seasons. 

So sadly, I'm not sure this was the wisest way for Draymond to spend $50,000. If you want to tamper I suggest putting your focus on a player that is actually going to be hitting the market soon and maybe don't blatantly do it on national television for the world to see.