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Why Is It So Hard To Catch Rain In Your Mouth? Also Stunning Water Facts

As I watched this happen last night I couldn't stop thinking about how many times I have done this when it rains. And Every time I look like a shmohawk because I can't catch any in my mouth. There are just so many rain drops falling out of the sky it almost seems impossible it just wouldn't go into your gullet. I started looking up the science behind it but it seems like nobody really cares but what I did find out is astonishing. 

As I was scrolling through the google (Side note if you don't type in google into google to get to google I don't like you) I realized we are stingy with water. I under stand water is a triple threat, Killing, Surviving and Enjoying but lets lighten up dude. Colorado and Utah are the two states where they heavily enforce the law that it is illegal to collect rainwater. Imagine telling your cell mate what you got busted for and it was for collecting rain water. I actually may turn myself in because I collected salt water to try and purify it to make some coin and have put plenty of buckets out to collect rain water because I thought it was fun. People take water way to lightly man but I guess in someways they don't. Why can I steal Ocean water but not rain water, we don't even know where rain really comes from. I know clouds but what have those rhombus clouds been involved in. 

Regardless, it is extremely hard to catch rain in your mouth but if you are in Utah and Colorado shut your trap because you will go to the can. Im sorry if you read this because my brain went in four different places and I can't check for spelling errors. I love you all welcome to my water brain today.