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The "Bend & Snap" Scene In Legally Blonde Is Iconically Asinine

It's my first official week on the job in the office after five long months of quarantine. 

Sunday night I found myself in my hotel room alone channel surfing like it was 1998 because the hotel had no TV guide. It was frustrating at first, but eventually it became a nice little throwback feel to have to either 1. hit a channel while the show/movie was actually on and decide if I wanted to stay or 2. the riskier move, the incredibly bored move, the borderline punishment move...wait until the commercial is over to see if you hit the jackpot with a mildly good movie or if you'll have to keep surfing. 

I scrolled by "E!" and the 2001 classic "Legally Blonde" was on so I figured this is probably as good as it's going to get for now. Low and behold, it was right about the time of the famed "bend & snap" scene, and I gotta tell ya I forgot about how absolutely insane that scene really is. 

On the surface, I get what the scene was trying to accomplish and it absolutely did that - any time someone says "bend & snap" you know exactly what they're talking about, but the execution is just too funny. 

It can't decide if it's a motivational girl power scene or trying to be a choreographed "high school musical" dancing bit. It can't really be the latter because there's only - stay with me here - two steps to the whole thing (bend got it). 

I was watching it thinking "wow I forgot how kind of out of place and wild this scene is" when the lady in the 90's purple jumpsuit starts wilding out in the middle of the spa. That's when I lost it. 

Iconically asinine. 

Like what one source I texted that to said "what an astute observation".