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What Happened In Chicago Last Night Is A Travesty

The White Sox lost a 5-4 game last night and are now 8-8 on the season. The extra inning rule is a total JOKE. An embarrassment. A travesty. I'll get to that in a minute.

I'm not TOO mad about the game last night, more annoyed, as Shane Bieber is one of the very best pitchers in baseball and the Sox chased him decently early. They touched him up for a few runs, more than can be said for anyone else who's faced him thus far in this weird year, and he didn't end up factoring in the decision. All in all it was a good baseball game for the most part. Losses happen and there's no one person to blame in last night's loss. It was baseball. 

But first I'd like to start by giving James McCann a shoutout:

I love him. He plays the game perfectly. No, he's not a perfect player but he's one of those guys that just does so much right that I have an overzealous affinity for. It could be taking an 0-2 pitch and flaring it oppo, hitting a bomb after working a full count, or studying his dick off on opposing teams' lineups so that day's starting pitcher has to use his brain that much less and can just go and do his thing. I don't buy framing stats, still love the Grandal signing and he's slowly coming around, but I will never EVER complain about McCann being in the lineup. I don't care if it's against a RHP and an atypical matchup, he just does all of the little things that often go unnoticed so well. Shoutout to him. Get him paid!

Also shoutout to Lucas Giolito:

He had a few spotty innings last night where his command wasn't great, but in the latter innings it clicked for him and he looked choice. Choice like a piece of grade A beef. Idk why I used that analogy but that's what popped in my brain. Dude's our ace and will be for a long time.

But then… it gets a little rough. They lost and it'd be disingenuous to not call out the poor play too. Let's lump Abreu and Robert into one because their issues are both similar, though for different reasons. I said it prior to the season that I thought Robert was going to struggle through however many X games because of how aggressive he is as a hitter. I thought that he would be fed a steady diet of sliders out/off the plate and hard shit in on the hands. Pair those types of approaches on how to attack a young, aggressive hitter like Robert and you're going to see a lot of strike outs which is what we're getting right now.

Well, I was wrong through 10 games or so. But now the league has readjusted and that's exactly what Robert is seeing and he's been neutralized. He'll readjust himself and hopefully soon. We all know the talent is there. Now it's just a matter of seeing as many pitches and getting as many at bats as possible. Youth is the only negative right now. 

Then we get to Abreu. There are some people that think Abreu can do no wrong because of how good he's been in his 6+ years in the organization. I am not one of them. I LOVE Pito and think he'll have a statue at Sox Park one day, but his approach to hitting drives me bat shit insane these days. He has the same issues Robert does, but is the elder statesman of the group. He shouldn't have them. For whatever reason, he goes up to the plate looking to massacre baseballs on every pitch. Doesn't really matter where the pitch is located, he's in swing mode and often times looks straight up ugly at the dish. He doesn't even have to get strikes thrown to him anymore because pitchers know they can get him out without conceding the strike zone.

Jose - sometimes the best swing is the one not taken. Please please please stop swinging at everything. If you stop swinging at everything, pitchers will be forced to work more towards the middle of the plate and you'll be able to piss on baseballs all the more often. It's actually a pretty simple formula. Until then I'm hitting him 6th or so. He's not invincible in spite of how good he's been over his career on the south side… or at least he shouldn't be. Ricky refuses to acknowledge his warts as an aging player though. Just stupid

And we'll end talking about Eloy. I don't have much to say other than he's in a slump:

Slumps happen and he'll work out of it. Dude's the best pure hitter on the team and I'm only annoyed at his slump, not that the best of the best don't go into funks here and there. All is good with Eloy. 

But let's get to the real travesty in Chicago last night: the extra inning rule. It fucking SUCKS. My weird and dumb brain tells me it gives the away team the advantage and enables doing everything possible to just score one run. Not pile it on, just score one run. It's stupid and it's not baseball. Go ahead and do it for this year, but for next year and beyond fuck off. Get it out of here. 

Beyond that, the White Sox have played the toughest part of their schedule already and they're 8-8. Not awful, not great. But on the horizon they have 7 with Detroit, 7 with Kansas City, 4 with Pittsburgh, and 7 with Minne coming up. Beat up on the sisters of the poor and then pummel the Twins and they're sitting pretty. My confidence is still high as can be in this club.

PS - obviously it was a clickbait headline but politics aside, Mayor Lightfoot's presser was good this morning:

Now she has to act on those words and I choose to think she will. 

It was just abhorrent behavior out of some of Chicago's citizens that give the city as a whole a black eye. There is a difference between protesting and looting. Mayor Lightfoot said it herself. This was looting using the 1st amendment and equality as a guise to smash a window and steal a laptop or designer purse. Embarrassing all the way around. I won't comment on it further, but I'm exhausted and embarrassed that there is such a divide not only in our city, but our nation as a whole and this is one of the byproducts. Our leadership on both sides is gross and we need to step up as a people to vote people into office that will stop driving that wedge further. Not sure I have confidence in 'we the people' to do that though. Pretty fucking sad if you ask me.