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RIP Kamala The Ugandan Giant

Unfortunately seeing a wrestler from my childhood pass away hasn't been as shocking as many of the other entertainers I grew up watching, so seeing Kamala died at the age of 70 after battling blood pressure issues and diabetes for years almost seems like 170 considering a good amount of his constituents didn't make it nearly that long. Like many of the wrestlers from the cartoony 80s and 90s WWF, Kamala was a bigger-than-life character that was memorable to anybody who watched back then. If memory serves right, Kamala was kinda like King Hippo in that he could be a dominant wrestler but was always undone by a fatal flaw, which for him was not knowing all the rules of wrestling. The war painted face, star painted boobs, and moon belly was an iconic look along with the belly slap that any kid with a little extra flab did whenever Kamala was in the ring. By all accounts James Harris was a good dude behind the scenes that had some pretty big matches with superstars like Macho Man Randy Savage and The Undertaker.

RIP big man.