Not All Heroes Wear Clothes - Playboy Model Risks Arrest For Breaking Dubai Lockdown For Lingerie Photoshoot

Trendswide - Miss Universe Canada finalist Dora Rodriguez has earned online fame – and a whopping 43,9000 Instagram followers – by sharing sizzling photos on the social media site. 

However, the Toronto native has been unable to keep up with her raunchy photoshoots amid the coronavirus pandemic, which saw Dubai adopt some of the strictest lockdown rules.

In recent weeks, the metropolitan city has moved to ease restrictions, however a fine of 3,000 dirhams ($800) is still in place for anyone caught not wearing a mask in public or failing to maintain social distancing. Gatherings of more than five people are also forbidden. Dora moved to Dubai in the middle of March, shortly before the city was hit by the pandemic, in order to sign with a modeling agency in they city – but she was only able to enjoy her new surroundings for a few weeks before Dubai went into lockdown. 

Speaking to Jam Press, Dora, who has been quarantined in her hotel room for almost two months, explained how she decided to break her isolation and head to the desert to shoot a magazine cover for its fashion segment. Reflecting on the experience, Dora described how walking down the empty streets of Dubai amid its lockdown was similar to that of a zombie apocalypse. 

‘Dubai is empty and quiet; I have never seen anything like it,’ she said. 

However, amid the current coronavirus pandemic, the stunner – who appeared on the cover of Playboy South Africa in January – said she was careful to follow safety precautions and made sure to don protective gear. 

‘Despite coming out of isolation, I wore my mask the entire time until I reached the rehearsal site,’ she said.

However, once she reached the location of the shoot, Dora admits that she removed her mask in order to pose for photos, and it is at this point that she was seen by local police. Dora said she became fearful when she was spotted by police following the risqué shoot, and immediately ran back to her vehicle. 

‘I thought I was going to be arrested when the police saw me on the street, I got back in the car and ran,’ the stunner said.

Thankfully, Dora avoided a confrontation and has thus far not faced any consequences for breaking lockdown rules in order to pose for the saucy photos. 

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Thank you for sticking your t̶i̶t̶t̶i̶e̶s̶ neck out to get these pictures taken. The people of Canadia and the rest of the world thank you for your service!

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