The NHL Thanks The Fans With The Dad Joke To End All Dad Jokes


I don't know man, I appreciate it. The NHL leaning into the absurdity of the entire situation has actually been pleasant to watch. They know none of this is normal and they aren't pretending it is. So hey, a little light humor with a dad joke from the god damn heavens made me smile on this Sunday afternoon. It's the little things, you know? I'm actually just kinda laughing typing this. It's so dumb but I laughed. Maybe we're all going a little crazy and need bad dad jokes every once in a while. A little personality from the league, how about it.


And hey, happy Sunday everyone. It's the second week of August! How time flies. Don't forget to check in on your friends tonight. Never know how need a quick pick me up. One little "hey" can go a long way. Gosh bless.