Due To A "Tarp Malfunction" Today's Game At Nats Park Has Been Suspended...And Will Resume On August 14th...In Baltimore


The olllll Tarp Malfunction. Seen it once, seen it a million times. When a monsoon comes out of nowhere and the grounds crew cannot figure out how to get the tarp on the field, causing mud and chaos to pile up everywhere.



So they did what has to be the correct decision- suspended the game and will pick it up later. 

Calling it an official game because of a freak storm and terrible display of ability from the tarp team would be a shitty way to decide the game in a shortened season like this. Gotta let the players decide the games, not the grounds crew. Getting another L because they couldn't cover the field would be another shitty way for the Nats to lose this season, one where we've already seen Soto miss the first 8 games, Scherzer and Stras injured, and now 3 innings from being swept by the Orioles. 

This fucking 2020 season, man. Sucks if you didn't have "game suspended due to tarp malfunction" on your Bingo card. Brutal beat.