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"Hard To Knock A Guy That's Got 21 Wins, Which Is Three Times What Brooks Has"-Rory On Brooks Koepka's Comments About DJ


How awesome is this???? Holy shit. We've got the top players in the world talking shit to one another via the media. Alright so maybe "talking shit" is a little strong for what's going on but they're talking about each other nonetheless, which is pretty rare.

To quickly recap

Brooks said these things after yesterday's round when asked about what he thought about the leaderboard heading into Sunday

So that's what Rory was responding to with his comments today. Brooks took a couple of jabs at DJ in his post round press conference and Rory didn't really appreciate it. Hard to tell exactly how Rory feels about the whole thing because we don't have video of him saying those comments but Rory has always been a guy who is very respectful of every one so it's no surprise he was taken aback by Brooks' comments yesterday.

I thought Rory made some good points but the best one he made was that, of all the guys to try and play mind games with, Dustin Johnson probably ain't the one. Not that DJ is the most mentally tough guy out there but more that he…….doesn't seem to overthink anything ever. He just sorta wanders around golf courses, hits bombs, posts low scores and doesn't think too much about anything. Now obviously Brooks knows DJ better than any of us so maybe he knows just how much comments like that would eat at DJ. Who knows.

Bottom line, I want more of this and so should every golf fan. The fact that we have the 3rd, 6th and 7th ranked players in the world making headlines together is in fact #GoodForGolf. And it's something that has nothing to do with Bryson DeChambeau which is always a good thing. Turns out other guys can generate headlines too.