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The Tarp Crew In The Orioles - Nationals Game Just Had The Worst Performance Of The Weekend

Just your average Sunday afternoon Orioles - Nationals game. Orioles going for a sweep of the Nats with a 5-2 lead in the 6th. Outta nowhere we get a flash storm, not too rare in the summer time. Not a big deal though, we've got a MLB team with a fully competent grounds crew, right? WRONG!

The Nats grounds crew was literally unable to get the tarp unfolded. They tried, and tried, and tried, and tried. After like 10-15 minutes of absolutely pouring rain, they were able to finally get it unrolled. Didn't help with the field that was absolutely soaked. 

How does this even happen? It looked like someone just folded it all up and shoved it in a closet. It's a full diamond tarp, not a jacket. How can it even get that tangled? A group of 22 year old kids may have just cost the Nationals a game too. If they aren't able to get the field playable again, this goes on the grounds crew. It was unreal watching this unfold (pun intended), the Nationals commenters were clowning these guys, the Orioles commenters were clowning them. This may have been my favorite sports moment to happen this year, watching them try to unfold it, only to fold it up again, to try and unfold it, and the puddles of water just taking over the infield, it was hilarious. 

IDK how this happens, minor league baseball, sure. If this is a travel team for your 12 year old, I can see it. But in the bigs? Sheeeeesh, this was tough to watch. Would be a real shame if the field isn't playable and the Orioles are handed a win and complete the series sweep of the Nats. Real shame.