BACK TO BACK: Zedzilla And The Whipsnakes Pull Off Absurd 4th Quarter Comeback To Win Their 2nd PLL Championship

Zed Williams. That's it. That's the whole blog. 

Zedzilla. This man is an absolute monster. It was 6-2 Chaos and then Zed Williams put the whole damn team on his back. 5 goals in the 4th quarter. 4 of those goals coming in a span of under 2 minutes. You want to talk about lacrosse being a game of runs? This was one of the most clutch runs in the history of the game. I mean this offense had nothing going for them after scoring the first 2 goals of the game. It was looking like they just ran out of gas after throttling the shit out of everybody in the round robin. 

But turns out that sick bastard Zed Williams was just storing up all his goals for the 4th quarter when they needed him the most. Just look at this shit, man. 

That goal is insane. Splitting the double. The diving twister. Again, just one of the most unconscious 4th quarter performances I've ever seen. The Whipsnakes scored the first 2 goals of the game, took a long ass siesta in the middle of the game, and then went on to put away the final TEN (10!!!!) of the game. And just like that, the Whipsnakes remain the only team to ever win a championship in the Premier Lacrosse League. Back-to-back champs. 

I'd say that Zeddy Ballgame deserves to crush at least 4 bottles of Pink Whitney out of that Cup, but he's probably already back to getting some practice shots in. 

That's it for now but we'll have the full recap episode of the podcast ready to go for tomorrow. For now, let's celebrate another great summer of lax.