Ben Simmons Is Leaving the Bubble to get Surgery on His Knee and the Sixers Are Fucked

This really really sucks. Ben Simmons' season is essentially over. I had hoped due to the nature of the initial reports that it would be minor but I guess it was more serious than everyone believed it to be. If Simmons is out we are going to finally see what everyone has been begging for. "Simmons and Embiid can't work together, they are way better by themselves." Well we're about to fucking find out. 

To be fair, the Sixers looked decent yesterday. Embiid dominated like usual. Alec Burks turned the fuck up, and even Al Horford looked like a capable player next to Embiid. However, a regular season game against the Magic is not comparable to a first round matchup against the Celtics, who are absolutely dominating right now. 

The hope for this season looks to be a lot more bleak than we thought going into the bubble, but we're going to learn a whole lot. The one thing I pray that the front office doesn't do is pardon this season to Simmons injury. If we have an embarrassing first round exit, there needs to be change. Horford will need to go. Brett Brown will need to go. The roster structure will need to be changed. Do not let Josh Harris finish this season with an excuse to do nothing.