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Last Night Was About As Good As It Gets For Hockey Fans

If you're a hockey fan, it really doesn't get much better than last night. There were 6 elimination games yesterday and they all lived up to the hype. Not only were there 6 elimination games, the final two were won in OT and we saw some ridiculous come backs.

While the Toronto Maple Leafs are usually the team fumble fucking over themselves and blowing playoff leads, last night it was actually the opposite. Down 3-0 with 5 minutes remaining in the 3rd, it looked as though the Maple Leafs would be Golfing on Sunday, not preparing to play another game. But two quick goals from William Nylander and John Tavares made things interesting, then Zach Hyman scored with 23 seconds remaining to tie the game and boom, just like that everyone forget the Leafs completely shit themselves two nights ago and they suddenly have life. Auston Matthews sealed the deal and netted the game winner with 6 minutes remaining and the Leafs will live another day. Just an electric hockey game from start to finish and the final 5 minutes was as intense as playoff hockey gets.

THEN only one game later, the Canucks come back from 3-1 and we have a 4-4 game heading to OT where it took Chris Tanev all of 11 seconds to seal the deal and send the Canucks to the next round. It doesn't get much better than OT playoff hockey and last night we got it twice. 

We can also talk about Carey Price absolutely stealing the series against the Penguins or Patty Kane and the Blackhawks bouncing the Connor McDavid and the Oilers out of the Playoffs. So much happened in the hockey world yesterday, its almost tough to comprehend. I don't know if its possible once fans are allowed back in Stadiums, but starting hockey at Noon with 6 elimination games throughout the day is a hockey fan's dream. Its August Madness and I can't get enough of it.