Scott Darling Jumped On Barstool Chicago Radio Today And Explained How A Goalie Fight Goes Down

You talk to people who do things professionally and you learn something new. Never knew that all goalies sneaky fantasize about trading bombs in a fight. That was new information for me. Also didn't realize that it was like a 200ft stare down at the OK Coral that is the international signal that it's fucking go time. A little glove shake is an invite to dance. 

Here was the scrap that Scott was talking about. No tummy sticks. Big bombs being thrown right at center ice

WSD asked what were the greatest goalie fights ever and for me there is only one answer

The rivalry that burned the hottest in my lifetime. Avs-Wings was the best. That was hate that lasted for YEARS. Patrick Roy fought three different Wings goalies over a period of like 5 years, but the original vs Mike Vernon was the best for my money. Honorable mention…Razor, RIP