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DeAndre Baker Has Been Charged With 4 Counts Of Robbery With A Firearm But Quinton Dunbar Will Not Be Charged

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I may not have gone to law school and haven't caught an episode of Law & Order in weeks despite the President's constant tweets letting me know that it's on. But I am rewatching The Wire right now, so I'm going to say that a crime that had two defendants suddenly becoming a crime with one defendant due to the other having "insufficient evidence" is not good for the one remaining defendant while also being the perfect indicator for what the difference in fortunes have been for the Giants and Seahawks since 2012.

But I will let due process play out in the court since this case has already had about five 180 degree turns before today and just so happens to take place in the great state of Florida, which pretty much means the only thing that should surprise us is no more surprises, with DeAndre's lawyer getting things kicked off (Sweet use of a football term for the audience, Clem).

That being said, I imagine the Giants have been preparing for the season without DeAndre Baker in their plans for months now to go along with preparing for the season without Sam Beal in their plans since he just opted out. However, considering the tenures of those two players in a Giants uniform, maybe that was always the best strategy. I'm not sure what type of wizardry the Giants front office can whip up using Nate Solder's exemption for this year to lure someone like Logan Ryan in without completely fucking up next year's cap. But just like a firearms case in Florida, I am ready for whatever twist and turn comes next for our secondary that wasn't all that good before losing two of the top guys on the depth chart. 

In Coach Judge We Trust and in Danny Quads We Lust.

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