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We Have Ourselves A Rather Large Development When It Comes To The Celtics Postseason Chances

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A few days ago it was reported that NBC Boston was letting a number of people go

It fucking sucks, there's no other way to say it. One of the many reasons 2020 can go right to hell. In a time like this I can't help but feel grateful to be at a company that hasn't had to go this route. Every day when I wake up and log into the back end of the greatest website on the internet I'm appreciative because I know there are talented people who work in this space that aren't as fortunate. It's why I will never ever take this job for granted because you never know when it can be taken from you. I hope everyone impacted by this decision at NBC Boston is able to eventually come back, shit sucks.

Which brings me to Abby Chin. Every Celtics fan knows Abby, she's the GOAT. The Celts have had a number of great courtside/studio reporters over the years from Molly McGrath to Kristine Leahy, but for my money Abby has been the best of the bunch. I dare you to find a Celts fan that doesn't love Abby, they don't exist. As you can imagine, Celtics Twitter was rather upset with this news and I couldn't help but think there was some sort of correlation to this news and the Celts getting shit stomped by the Heat that same night. The Basketball Gods were pissed. That's not the type of karma you want as we prepare for a playoff run. 

So to hear Abby let us know that she will be back for the rest of the season is music to all of our ears. Things don't feel right if she's not going to be there for this ride. I would guess that it's only a matter of time before WCT finishes the job and bullies NBC Boston into re-hiring her. You may think that's not possible but remember, this is a fanbase that bullied Ben Simmons into shooting a three. There is nothing we cannot achieve when we all join forces. 

In a bubble environment where the playoffs are wide open, the smallest thing can change the entire future of a contender. It can be a play or two on the court, or in this case some off the court good juju. You can't prove to me it won't matter so I'm choosing to believe it will only help. If I know one thing it's you don't fuck with the Basketball Gods right before a playoff run and this team not having Abby in the mix would have been the kiss of death. So yeah, it's a big deal she's back and it should be factored into all discussions about this team's title chances. 

This is just the news I wanted to get before the big showdown tonight against the Raptors. You combine this with ANOTHER clean injury report and this Friday is off to a fantastic start.