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Louisville Kicked Three Players Off Its Soccer Team For Throwing A Party, Leading To 29 Positive Coronavirus Tests

Talk about your worst hangover right here. You think you're just throwing a party and having a good old time, next thing you know you're getting booted off a soccer team. Imagine having to call your parents and explain that one. Anyone who has gone away for college has had to have the call to your parents about getting arrested or a drinking ticket or something along those lines. Saying you not only threw the party but got kicked off the team is the real kick in the dick. 

This is exactly the scare when it comes to getting through a full college football/hoops season. College kids are morons. You can't tell them they can't party. They are going to have parties. It's just what college kids do. You don't listen to people because you think you're smarter than everyone and you drink your fucking face off. That's why we need a bubble or games without kids around or whatever.