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Apparently NBA Players Have Turned On The Snitch Line And Are Calling Adam Silver Directly To Complain

Oh hell yeah. We've moved on from the snitch line pretty quick huh? Remember that was the first story that came out where everyone was like okay bubble life is going to be entertaining as hell. Now we have people (LeBron) calling Adam Silver directly to complain. I gotta know what the complaints are. I also gotta know what Adam Silver's face looks like whenever he sees Chris Paul calling to complain. 

These are the sort of stories I need more in depth reporting on. Yeah, we can talk about Zion's body and the race for the playoffs in the Western Conference, but I need all the reports on the snitches. It still annoys me they didn't set up cameras Real World style. I need the confessional where one of these dudes sit down and talks about calling Adam Silver. It's all that's really missing from bubble life. 

I do think the best part would be if Dwight Howard was the one complaining after someone snitched on him for not wearing a mask. Oh, how the turn tables would have turned. Again, give us all the reports on the snitching. I need this to lead to fights and hard fouls. Need it.