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Awful Human Beings/Fans Attacked Tre'Davious White For Considering Opting Out Of The NFL Season

On Wednesday, Tre'Davious White mentioned he was still contemplating whether or not to join the 62 players who have already opted out of the 2020 NFL season. For White, it wasn't a decision he wanted to rush as his choice was largely centered around his family.

The NFL opt-out deadline was on Thursday at 4pm and with no news coming from his camp, one can assume White decided to play this year. But regardless of his final decision, kudos to Tre'Davious White for even considering opting out. 

COVID-19 is far from over and already it's killed 150,000 people and infected over 4 million others - and that's with a good portion of the country under lockdown for months. The moment indoor restaurants and bars began to reopen, infection numbers started to rise and forced many states to re-close those options. The MLB season is only a couple of weeks in and already there have been multiple outbreaks that have been severe enough to postpone games. And, in case you didn't know, baseball is a non-contact sport. Football players can't NOT touch each other. 

Frankly, I'm not really sure how the NFL plans on actually making it through the season. It's customary for players to play through illnesses and injuries every single week because that's what football players do. So what's going to happen when a player is asymptomatic or his symptoms don't exactly align with the typical Coronavirus symptoms? Even with daily testing, players can contract the virus the night before and unknowingly spread it in the parking lot or the team facility before that day's test is even issued. Already 56 players have tested positive since the beginning of training camps! To think that COVID-19 is not going to spread among players who are literally all up on each other is preposterous. 

But not nearly as preposterous as "fans" insulting players who are considering opting out of such egregious circumstances. 

What the fuck is wrong with people? A guy prioritizes his health and the health of his family - including his young children - and he gets ripped apart and called selfish for NOT going out on a football field to entertain complete strangers? White is scheduled to make $1.84 million this season and would be giving all of that up for a $150k advancement from his 2021 salary… just to keep his family safe. In what world is that "selfish?"

If you're one of these people running your mouth: FUCK YOU. You are what's wrong with this country and, let's be honest, you are the reason we're in the state we're in because you refuse to put on a fucking mask. 

Every player that has opted out or even considered opting out, should be celebrated for their thoughtfulness and ability to see the big picture. Sure, maybe nothing happens and the season carries on per usual, but maybe the worst happens and not only do we not get the full 2020 season, but the future of the NFL is compromised. 

More importantly though, football is a game; the lives of its players are not.