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I Wish I Had The Ability To Hate Anything As Much As Ozzie Guillen Hates Nick Swisher

PREACH OZ!!! If you poll Sox fans and ask who their most hated players ever are, a lot of them near or around the age of 30 will give you a handful of answers. Among them includes Adam Dunn, Adam Laroche (which, after just about finishing the blog, was the runaway winner for most hated), Jeff Samardzija and, Nick Swisher. 

Now I personally didn't HATE Swisher when he was playing. I didn't really like him because he stunk with the Sox, but a lot of players have stunk for the Sox. I just didn't buy his happy-go-lucky Cali surfer brah vibe, and going off Ozzie's lil mini rant last night, my suspicions that he was  a total phony were correct. But when he was in Chicago I didn't despise him enough to tell the whole planet how much I hated him 12 years after the fact. 

So I put it to a poll this morning to see how the rest of Sox fans felt:

So a little more than half of White Sox Twitter loathed him. But you know who REALLY hated him? You know who had a burning fire of hatred in his lump of charcoal heart for Nick Swisher? My father, William Williams. He fucking despised Nick Swisher. Hated his goddamn guts because he didn't really fit the blue collar, workman type mold a lot of old school Sox fans want in their players. 

It also didn't help that he had by far the worst year of his career with the Sox, outside of his last year with Cleveland which isn't included in the chart below:

Whatever though, there's no shitheads on this current team, so I don't even know why we're talking about Swisher. Today's roster has a great group of dudes who all pull from the same rope and want nothing but to pile up dubs, dubs and more dubs. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good Ozzie rant about years past. It makes this current roster makeup all the more fun to root for. 

PS - my Mt. Rushmore of most hated Sox players:

Jeff Samardzija - fucking hate this dude more than just about anyone. He STUNK on the Sox and I think the trade for him was worse than the Tatis Jr./ James Shields trade. Marcus Semien has turned into a star and already getting big league at bats, Tatis Jr. was an unproven commodity

Adam Laroche - #DrakeGate will live in White Sox infamy forever

Jake Peavy - I didn't buy his "bulldog" mentality either and heard he was a total fuck off the field as well

Tyler Flowers - strike out machine at the plate, passed ball machine behind it. I never one time bought his bullshit framing stats. He stinks and I hated watching him play baseball