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The MLS Is Announcing Their Regular Season Schedule Soon And Planning On 'Playing In Front Of Fans Where We Can'

Well, this is going to be interesting. Granted, Garber does say he knows it will be mostly empty, but the fact they are even discussing playing in front of some fans is a huge win. And yeah, go ahead and make the soccer/MLS jokes. They've all been made before. The fact is the MLS still played 51 games in 35 days. Yes, two teams had to leave the bubble, but the bubble worked. They had zero positive tests once the initial wave was done. That's how it's supposed to be. 

The other thing is, we've seen soccer with fans in the stands this year. The USL and Louisville City has done it: 

It looks weird, but it doesn't look bad. It's a start and that's all I ask for right now. Well that and don't be dickheads. Just do whatever we are told to do so we can have sports. I need sports. You need sports. America needs sports. So if Garber is going to set up some games in front of fans let's start there. Who knows? Maybe we'll get to watch football in person this year or something.